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Dedicated Real Estate Experts in Istanbul to Find a Property in Turkey for You

It is no secret that buying a property is one of the biggest investments a person will ever make in his or her entire life. It is indeed a huge challenge, and at the same time, it is exciting, especially if you have trustworthy professionals who can guide you as you search for a property in Turkey.

Here at Otel Real Estate, we are committed to helping our clients find the best summerhouses, villas, apartments, and more. We are a private company that strives to provide efficient consultation services to people who would like to purchase Istanbul real estate properties.

With over 140+ Projects that we have access to, we'll find you Exactly what you're looking for.
Your satisfaction is a 110% guaranteed. Available turkey property below:

Most Selling Projects

  • Ispartakule

    • Delivery Date: Sep 2018

    • Starting Price: 560.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 25%

    • Installments: 120 Months 

  • Bahcesehir

    • Delivery Date: Ready to Move

    • Starting Price: 555.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 35%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Bahcesehir

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2019

    • Starting Price: 300.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 20%

    • Installments: 20 Months 

  • Bahcesehir

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2019

    • Starting Price: 268.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Esenyurt

    • Delivery Date: Mar 2019

    • Starting Price: 290.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Esenyurt

    • Delivery Date: Jun 2018

    • Starting Price: 452.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 40%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Esenyurt

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2018

    • Starting Price: 52.000 $

    • Down Payment: 40%

    • Installments: 30 Months 

  • Esenyurt

    • Delivery Date: Jun 2020

    • Starting Price: 224.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Beylikduzu

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2018

    • Starting Price: 460.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 24 Months 

  • Beylikduzu

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2018

    • Starting Price: 289.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 35%

    • Installments: 24 Months 

  • Beylikduzu

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2018

    • Starting Price: 558.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 35%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Beylikduzu

    • Delivery Date: Jun 2019

    • Starting Price: 90.000 $

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 40 Months 

  • Buyukcekmece

    • Delivery Date: Sep 2020

    • Starting Price: 466.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Basaksehir

    • Delivery Date: Jun 2019

    • Starting Price: 450.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 30%

    • Installments: 30 Months 

  • Basaksehir

    • Delivery Date: Ready

    • Starting Price: 550.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 35%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Ispartakule

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2020

    • Starting Price: 575.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 25%

    • Installments: 60 Months 

  • Bassin Express

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2019

    • Starting Price: 372.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 25%

    • Installments: 36 Months 

  • Zeytinburu

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2019

    • Starting Price: 1.350.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 25%

    • Installments: 24 Months 

  • Topkapi

    • Delivery Date: June 2019

    • Starting Price: 515.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 40%

    • Installments: 48 Months 

  • Sariyer

    • Delivery Date: Aug 2018

    • Starting Price: 930.000 TRY

    • Cash Payment

  • Bassin Express

    • Delivery Date: Dec 2018

    • Starting Price: 350.000 TRY

    • Down Payment: 35%

    • Installments: 24 Months 

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Reliable Agents Right from the Very Start

Since the company’s inception in 2006, it has always been the goal of Otel Real Estate to assist customers in searching for assets that can give great returns for both long-term and short-term ventures.

The primary objective of the company is to help individuals and companies – local and international – in selecting the right investment choice in Istanbul. The firm’s headquarters is situated in Istanbul Floria, and we are proud that we have established partnerships with more than 60 agents, as well as sub-agents, all over Turkey.

Expert Consultations

Otel Real Estate in Istanbul is not just about helping investors find the property that will enhance their cash flow. We also provide consultations that every buyer should take part of before deciding which real estate to go for.

Investors are not often keen about a buyer’s consultation, especially when they are quietly shopping around. They are also worried that it is the opportunity of the real estate agents to deceive and pressure them into purchasing or committing to a property right away.

Our company and our agents are certainly not like this assumption. You may think that an early consultation has no point, but we assure you that you will find it fruitful at the end of the discussion. After you have talked to one or more of our agents, you will get the clarification you have always needed, particularly when it comes to your wants and requisites for an investment and its location. Our agents will ensure that the property or properties you end up purchasing will meet your conditions, including your budget and inclinations.

During a consultation, we will help guide you in searching for the real estate that is right for you. Our agents will coach and teach you on several aspects that will let you come up with a plan to venture into the right property by considering not only its price and features, but also its included amenities, the surrounding neighborhood, and others details that can affect the earnings that you can get from it.

Smart Buying Decision

It is why we are here: so our clients can make the decision that will make them happy in the long run. If you are interested in investing in Istanbul, our agents will ensure you will have a successful venture. We achieve this goal with a strategic plan that takes into account the current real estate market in the country and in the specific region where the customer would like to buy a property.

Whether the economy is in good or bad shape, we will give you recommendations, so you end up with the right choice. We assure the buyers we have knowledgeable professionals who understand the local market and the communities around Istanbul. We use an approach where we lead the clients step-by-step so they receive the best buyer representation they can find.

We look forward to assisting and guiding you through the process of buying a property in Turkey, which is a noteworthy and a life decision that is financially substantial. Take advantage of the professional supervision we offer here at Otel Real Estate to invest in Turkey and earn significant profits.

Our Difference

While we know there are plenty of buyers’ agents that you can quickly look for using the Internet, we are confident that Otel Real Estate is the firm that you can rely on. It is our goal to become the top investment company that is recognized not only in Turkey but also in the world. It is why we make our utmost efforts to meet the strict rules and discerning guidelines of our clients who want to find the right properties in Turkey for their hard-earned money.

We are committed to offering our customers with high-quality services, especially when it comes to the consultation that only experts can provide. After almost 12 years since the company was established, we saw that our sales increased up to 40%. It is because more and more clients have come to trust the name of our firm over the years.

We aim to not only make the company well-known, but it is our goal to ensure our clients get the highest return on investment. We have real estate agents who have dedicated themselves toward helping the customers achieve their profitability targets. As we see that these individuals have reached their goals, it inspires us to perform even better so we can assist more clients than ever.

We have popular Istanbul real estate investments that include Marina Houses Istanbul, Plus, Villas, Iroko Houses, and Istanbul Topkapı. We also have Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, ViaPort Venezia, Doğa Villas, and Ataköy Residence.

Whether you are searching for an apartment or villa for sale to turn into a lucrative investment, we are always here to help. We work hard to satisfy everyone who contacts us and chooses to avail of our services.

Our agents have worked collectively to redefine the real estate business not only in Istanbul but many places in Turkey. We now use modern and advanced techniques, which we have embraced to help us move forward in the industry. These professionals have fostered a culture of partnerships with one another, as well as with all the clients.

With new methodologies, it was easy to shun the traditional and non-effective models of how managing and purchasing real estate properties were practiced. Our agents are knowledgeable, influential, and real property of Turkey experts who have the essential contacts to secure clients with better representation and a competitive edge.

A Refined Buying Experience

Whether you are a new homeowner to be, an individual investor, or you represent a company that is searching for properties in Istanbul to help boost your financials, we are here to support you. Our services are customized based on your objectives, budget, preferences, and many other factors that we know will influence your buying decision.

We promise to deliver a polished and systematic method of purchasing a property. This way, you will never feel any tension or stress, which is usually associated with buying real estate for the first time. We have distinguished ourselves from our competition by the highest standards of sophistication, integrity, and expertise.

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Otel Real Estate - Istanbul’s Leading Real Estate Agency

When it comes to the Istanbul real estate market, we are the most reputable choice among home buyers and developers. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a real estate investment opportunity or property for sale in Istanbul, we have the tools and solutions you need to make things happen.

What makes us better than other real estate companies in the area? We pride ourselves on our professionalism and trustworthy business ethics. We make sure we’re always two feet ahead of our competition.

Our primary goal is to present investors with real estate that meet our client’s needs – to ensure the deal goes smoothly from beginning to end. We consider your financial and legal security to be our number one priority.

How We Can Assist You

When you reach out to us, we can provide you with a plethora of business and consultation services in regards to buying and selling a home. We have a team of professionals that can show you an array of Istanbul real estate available.

We have a complete service package for clients that include property management, resale management, legal process follow-up and property visit. We do this so that your buying and selling process in Istanbul is smooth.

Take advantage of our comprehensive Istanbul real estate projects, using our loyal team to find for-sale properties in and around the area. Our team takes your property search criteria very seriously and will find the closest matches to what you want.

All you need to do is contact us for a property visit, and we’ll show you around the different options available.

Istanbul Real Estate Market Grows Amid Global Crisis

When you’re in the market for real estate investment options in and around Istanbul, you want a company that has years of experience and knowledge about the market. Many novices and established investors want to buy apartments to rent out – both in the short and long-term. This page will provide you with a small sample of the many Istanbul properties we have to offer.

Our books provide a more in-depth look at the properties we have for sale.

When you’re looking for real estate investment in Istanbul, we are the company that you need by your side to make it happen.

Save Money When Buying Real Estate In Istanbul

Whether you want a villa, apartment or large home, you need to let us know what your desires are for your real estate in Istanbul and your budget. We can find homes in the city or away from it. Want a view of the water? Want something close to “downtown?” All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for, and we can make it happen.

We have a large database of real estate Turkey, a wide array of knowledge and the ability to track the local market – all to help our clients get the property they want and need. Finding the best apartments in Istanbul is our specialty.

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110% Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you work with us, we make sure to secure deals that are in your favor. This includes providing you with no-hassle properties and clear titles. We are well-known for offering the best real estate investment opportunities at an affordable price due to our extensive industry network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Buying Property in Turkey?

Are you interested in purchasing a piece of Turkey because you cannot imagine yourself vacationing anywhere else? Are you ready to have a second home where you can completely escape the stress and lifestyle you currently live? Buying a home in Istanbul or another part of Turkey has many advantages. First, a person does not have to be a citizen to buy property in the country, but there are restrictions, and the person does not become Turkish by obtaining land or a house. Second, the real estate market is improving with a nearly one percent gain earlier this year. Third, you can rent the property when you are not in the country.


A consistent real estate market helps business owners who want to buy villas and rent them out as vacation spots. Many of these properties are near beaches and water sources giving guests prime access to local activities like swimming, fishing, boating, scuba diving, barbecuing, and beach sports. More benefits include access to exceptional shops, bars, diners, galleries, museums, cultural venues, banks, tea houses, and cafes.


Breathtaking sunsets, waterfalls, cliffside hideaways, and gorgeous mornings lure homeowners out of bed and into the streets. When you own a Turkish home, you immerse yourself in the culture and history of the land. Your connection to the people and the community will enrich your life and make your time away from your home country a welcome refreshment. You may find that vacationing is not enough and that you want to live in Turkey all the time.

Is it a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

In short, this is a great time to be buying real estate in Turkey. Given the events of the past few years, property prices have remained relatively stable. This means that there are some great buys to be had throughout both the Asian and European sides of the country. With such a diverse landscape, from mountains to coastal areas, buyers are sure to find just the perfect property that suits their needs.


Turkey has relaxed many of its requirements related to the purchase of a property. Local people have access to mortgage lending packages at unprecedented levels, while foreigners enjoy relatively hassle-free buying as well. In fact, the only main requirements for a foreigner to purchase property in Turkey is that it cannot be located within a certain proximity of any military installation. Because of this, many foreigners are choosing to invest in a variety of property types throughout the country. One can expect a return on their investment, particularly with the rental market. A condo or home in a desirable location will garner a great monthly income, while the gain on principal will be quite noticeable in the long run.


This is the time to take advantage of a temporary stagnation within the Turkish real estate market. With political stability beginning to return, prices will soon begin to rise once again. Getting in on the lower end of the price spectrum will ensure not only a great buy but also a significant return on investment in the long term.

Is Buying a House in Turkey Expensive or Cheap?

While this question is always open for interpretation, Turkey is generally seen as one of the best values in terms of real estate anywhere in the region. For investors coming from the European Union, this will be particularly true as prices are generally much lower than anywhere else in the EU. Investors coming from the Middle East and Gulf states will find that they can get a much bigger property for the same money than they could elsewhere. Combined with the relatively low cost of living across Turkey, it is easy to see why the housing market is really beginning to heat up.


Turkey offers great value for your home. Homes are generally viewed as inexpensive compared to other similar destinations. Many people will find that they can afford a luxury condominium in Turkey that would otherwise be out of reach in countries such as Spain or Portugal. When compared to the United Kingdom, Turkish investors can buy a 3 or 4 bedroom villa for the price of a one bedroom flat in London proper. Many such examples can be cited to illustrate why many view Turkey as an excellent to buy real estate at the current time.


Because all types of property are available to foreigners, the savings keep coming. A certain amount of land can be owned, making home ownership a distinct possibility. From Istanbul to cities along the coast, good buys can be found throughout the country.

Where Should I Buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Turkey is such a beautiful country with a diverse landscape that it is difficult to pinpoint the best areas to buy real estate. There are a few areas of the country that have historically weathered the inevitable price storms that hit virtually every property market in the world. If you are looking to invest in real estate in Turkey, the following three areas should be in the midst of the conversation.


Istanbul is likely the first choice among foreign buyers because it is perceived to be the most well-known area and the safest from an investment perspective. In fact, the city is going through a modernization program regarding its housing at the current time, meaning there are many new apartments and condominiums to choose from, each coming with a range of modern community amenities that are appealing from both a living and investment perspective. Roughly 8,000 real estate units are currently being sold to foreigners each year in Istanbul.


Moving down the southern Mediterranean coast, Antalya is another attractive place to buy real taste in Turkey. There are some great beaches and golf courses to attract short-term renters, and the historical element of the region will always be a draw as well.


Finally, Bursa is another area worth considering. It is undergoing a housing boom that has been four years in the making and shows no signs of letting up. It is an environmentally friendly destination and one of the most popular places to ski in all of Turkey.

Is Buying Property in Turkey a Good Investment?

If you are thinking about buying property in Europe, Turkey is a country that offers many benefits for property investors. When compared to other countries, Turkey offers lower real estate prices, which enables some investors to buy a property outright. In addition, property in Turkey can be a good long-term investment. The average prices of property in Turkey allow many investors to reap a lucrative return on investment. Turkey also has a low cost of living when compared to other countries, such as Spain or Cyprus, and many investors take advantage of the reasonable council tax and other utilities.


Among all the cities in Turkey, Istanbul has been named the most attractive city for real estate investment by Deloitte Consulting and PWC. In addition, Turkey was ranked as the 3rd most lucrative country for real estate investment. Additional benefits from buying property in Turkey include its solid financial and banking regulations, high demand for commercial space as well as residential housing, and access to numerous mortgage facilities.


Turkey had a promising economic growth rate of 5.6% from 2002 through 2016, and it is predicted to be one of the fastest growing economies from 2017 through 2020. There are also continuous improvements to telecommunications, transportation, and technology, and an estimated 70% of the world’s energy reserves are located close to Turkey.


Turkey is moving forward at a rapid pace, so if you want to purchase property in a promising country, Turkey is an ideal match for your needs.

How Can a Foreigner Buy Property in Turkey?

If you are looking to invest in some real estate outside of your home country, Turkey is a great place worthy of your consideration. Compared to other countries around the globe, Turkey makes it relatively easy to purchase property as a foreigner. This has led to a 2/3 increase in the number of foreign buyers in recent years. With that trend likely to continue, you will be in good company when opting to invest in the property market in Turkey.


Apartments and condominiums are the most popular targets among foreign buyers, particularly in the nicer suburbs of Istanbul. There are some legal stipulations to purchasing as a foreigner, so it is important to have all the required documents before taking ownership of the property. You will be able to buy real estate in Turkey on either a short or long-term agreement. The latter is generally a useful arrangement for individuals looking to live in Turkey, while short-term property ownership is preferable for those looking at investment properties alone.


At the current time, foreigners are limited to 30 hectares of land in Turkey. Also, you will not be permitted to purchase any property that is near a military installation. Finally, foreigners may only comprise a total 10 percent of the properties within a specified geographical area. Beyond that, there will be the required documents that you will need to present and then the property will be yours.

Is it Worth Investing in Turkey’s Real Estate Market Currently?

With the real estate market in Turkey beginning to heat up once again, it is worth considering an investment here. With the relaxed buying requirements placed on foreign buyers, and the number of new builds taking place in Istanbul and beyond, the potential for enormous return is there.


There is the potential for capital growth on real estate investments made throughout Turkey. This is largely because Istanbul is still catching up with other leading cities in the world when it comes to its property market. The prices are still not in line with other capitals, particularly throughout Europe. This means that good buys can be had today, with the expectation that investors can take advantage of following corrections in the market that will have values going up quite quickly.


Turkey also does not have an excess of the housing when compared to other leading cities. This means that the potential to cash out on the equity in your home is almost always there. With a market that still offers many great values on resale homes, this is a huge bonus. You will be able to take advantage of the increased equity you will have and can likely sell quite quickly should you need to get hold of cash in a relatively short amount of time.


In short, it is certainly worth investing in the Turkish real estate market. The country is diverse, and there are numerous opportunities available here.

Is it a Good Time to Invest in Istanbul Real Estate?

When it comes to global real estate investments, this is a great time to consider Istanbul. As a city, this is one of the most culturally rich and historical capitals in the country. Beyond that, recent decades have seen a stark increase in modernity that has brought the infrastructure forward to be more in line with other similarly sized cities in Asia and Europe. Out of this has come a property boom that foreign investors can begin to take advantage of.


The economy of Istanbul is growing. In fact, the past five years have seen growth rates average around 7.5 percent. This makes it is one of the fastest growing economies from a Gross Domestic Product point of view. By the year 2025, Istanbul should have the 14 highest GDP growth in the world. Much of this will be fueled by a property sector that is seeing a record number of condominium and apartment complexes being built.


Turkey has also opened its borders. Not only is it easier than ever for foreigners to buy real estate, but the number of visitors and tourists also continues to increase year after year. This demonstrates a sincere interest in Istanbul on the part of foreigners, which bodes well for future property values.


From an investment perspective, prices still have not peaked in Istanbul. This means that great buys can be had today, with an increase in equity the near-certain result in the future.

What are Some of the Best Areas to Invest in Real Estate in Istanbul Turkey?

Istanbul might be one of the oldest cities in the world, but it is still growing. Because of this rich history, many areas are worthwhile to invest in from a real estate perspective. From the area surrounding the new airport to the residential area of Pendik and points beyond, there is great potential all around the city. The best part is that foreigners can purchase property in most areas, making this a popular region from an investment perspective. We currently have a lot of amazing apartments in Istanbul for sale, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


The airport in Istanbul is brand new as of 2018. It is designed to the biggest and most efficient in the world, and the area surrounding the airport has been under development for a few years now. With the availability of a new metro line nearby, property values will only increase in the long term. This is a great place to live, as well as to buy an investment property.


One of the most popular areas of Istanbul has long been Kadikoy. This is a place that gets a mix of students, business people, and tourists. You will find a street bazaar that is famous the world over, making this is an area that people want to buy in. There are more than 7,000 properties sold in this district alone every year.


Some other areas to consider investing in real estate in Istanbul include Sanyer, Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, and Pendik. Each offers a host of advantages to local and foreign buyers alike.

Why Turkey for Your Real Estate Investments?

Turkey has grown to become the world’s 17th largest economy; with the 6th largest European economy. Turkey has a well-established tourist industry, ranking sixth worldwide. For the European region, it ranks 7th behind Milan, Paris, Madrid, and London.


The country has gone through a major economic change in the last 10 years, which includes a broad renewal and development of the urban areas. It has grown both in capacity and strength in all areas (population growth, construction, etc.) – a reason many businesses are opening up or relocating to the area.


With such a diverse culture and heritage to go along with the country’s natural beauty, it’s not hard to understand why foreign investors are interested in the area.

What Makes Istanbul So Worthwhile to Investors?

The benefits of investing in Turkey real estate isn’t limited to one or two cities but many of them. However, Istanbul seems to be the prime area of interest. Why is that? It’s quickly moving up the ranks of being financial epicenter thanks to its economy.


Istanbul is often called Europe and Asia’s gateway – perhaps that’s the reason many investors of Istanbul property have. Istanbul has other noteworthy projects investors are considering – strategic development, speeding trains, metros, etc. There are so many benefits that can be reaped in the city. With its robust construction industry and affordable, superior homes, it’s no wonder investors are choosing apartments in Istanbul, Turkey to invest in.


While many countries have had a sluggish real estate market, the problem appears to have bypassed the Istanbul real estate. It’s been quite resilient when other places have waned. Turkey, as a whole, has experienced a more than 20 percent rise in the real estate industry. 15 percent of the real estate has taken place in Istanbul.


It’s the thought that the real estate market is a good investment vehicle that has led to the rise in Istanbul, assuring it’s the leader in prime investments.


As more and more investors look for worthwhile rental returns and capital appreciation, they’ll realize Istanbul properties are good investment choices. The distance of the properties for sale in Istanbul to the sea, capital, and other interesting spots will be driving motivators for investors. They’ll also be looking at the advantages of both construction and infrastructure of property for sale in Istanbul.

Who is Eligible to Purchase Property in Turkey?

The country began getting investors’ attention after 2004 when the country’s markets were open to foreigners. However, the government implemented a law of reciprocity that stated only foreign nationals could purchase property in Turkey if permitted by their homeland. This law was changed in May 2012, easing some of the restrictions put in place and allowing even more foreign investors to take an interest in the area.


According to the new law of reciprocity:


• A foreign national cannot attain real estate that is more than 10 percent of the town’s land size.
• A foreign national also cannot purchase over 300,000 square meters of land without prior approval from the country’s Ministry of Interior.


Today, the market is positively reeling from the move and leading to amazing real estate investments.


Turkey’s mortgage securitization and assess structures policies have helped to reduce any possible risks. The market has certainly flourished in the last ten years, which can be traced back to the socio-economic basics and optimism about the market.

Which is the Best Place to Invest in Real Estate in Turkey?

Turkey is a hot spot for real estate investments today. While the entire country is beautiful, particularly given its rich history and cultural diversity, there are a few places that stand out as the best places to invest in real estate in Turkey.


Istanbul is the first area that comes to mind, and for a good reason. There have been many new projects launched in recent years that provide a healthy mix of luxury and great value as apartments for sale in Istanbul. The cities real estate market still has not caught up price rise to its Asian and European rivals, meaning that the potential for equity gain is substantial and undeniable. You really cannot go wrong investing in the real estate market here.


There is also Fethiye to consider. This is the region on the Mediterranean Coast, and it is stunning. There is always an influx of tourists in the summer, providing a great opportunity to capitalize on the lucrative investment rental market. Many foreigners are residing in this area, providing the international mix that many real estate investors today crave.


One other area in Turkey that should be considered from an investment perspective is Bodrum. Dubbed the hub of the Turkish Riviera, this area offers many properties for those who are on a budget. There is the accessibility of a nearby airport to attract short-term visitors as well. In short, you cannot go wrong with any of the three areas mentioned here if you’re considering an investment in Turkish real estate.

Is the Turkish Real Estate Investment Citizenship Program True?

Yes, under the Turkish real estate investment citizenship program, foreigners can gain entitlement to citizenship under specific conditions.


A regulation was added to Article 20 of the Turkish Citizenship Law which regulates the conditions for exceptional acquisition for those who seek Turkish citizenship. One of the reasons this regulation was added is to boost the country’s infrastructure to include banking, investments, and the real estate market through foreign investment.


To gain Turkish citizenship, there are four ways:


  1. Employ 100 Turkish citizens
  2. Invest $1,000,000 USD in the real estate market without selling the property for three years (Price will be reduced by 70% to $300,000)
  3. Invest $2,000,000 USD in a fixed capital investment
  4. Invest $3,000,000 USD in a Turkish bank for a minimum of 3 years or longer


For all investments, the time condition is three years. After 3 years, you can become a Turkish citizen and take back all of the investment along with legal revenues after the 3-year period has finished.


One factor that is making this citizenship program very attractive is that the Turkish government announced that it will reduce the minimum real estate investment price from $1,000,000 to $300,000 USD. When it comes to the investment choices with the lowest cost to gain Turkish citizenship, investing in real estate is the way to go since it has a much lower cost when compared to the other options.


If you are a property investor or a homeowner, you should consider this opportunity to learn more about that advantages of owning property in Turkey as well as the benefit of gaining citizenship. Request a call back for more information, one of our experts will contact you.

What is the Best Home to Buy in Turkey?

When you are looking to buy a home in Turkey, location is everything. This means something different for each individual investor. You will want to consider your needs. If you are going to live in the country yourself for the long term, you might look at a luxury property in a place like Kalkan. This is a small village situated right on the Mediterranean coast. You can get a great villa for a surprisingly good value in comparison to most of Europe.


If you want to capitalize on the Istanbul residence projects and the upswing in the business climate in Istanbul, you will want to consider investing in an apartment or condominium. You will be in good company, with more than 7,000 properties changing hands every year within the foreign market alone. You can choose to live in the home yourself, or you can cash in on a rental market that is stable and continue to grow every season.


From an investment perspective, you may also want to consider one of the many resort towns that are making a name for themselves throughout Turkey. The Altinkum region is a prime example. This is a place where a foreigner can purchase a fabulous two-bedroom apartment, often for around $50,000 Dollars. With a value like this, you can easily rent the place out for much of the year, booking out a few weeks for yourself to come and enjoy a free holiday. The possibilities here are endless, as there are home bargains like this throughout the country.

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